Foretell is a Knowledge Organisation serving agri & commodity businesses
through information insights, advisory and conferences

Our Purpose

To catalyze profitable growth for our clients in agri and commodity sector by providing market intelligence, advisory and creating industry relevant conferences.

Our Reach

Foretell touches over 30,000 clients world over through print, web, mobile and emails. Besides, Foretell reaches out in person by extensively participating in industry conferences and exhibitions and creating relevant industry platforms.

Our Strengths

Rich domain expertise
Extensive market reach
Well maintained data bank
Customer focus, result oriented service delivery

Our Focus

Agri-sector (cereals, pulses, spices, plantation, oilseeds and horticulture), Cashew-sector & Precious metal sector (gold)

Our Information Websites

Commodity Market Intelligence

"" launched way back in 2000. It also brings out weekly and periodic reports on various commodities, handbooks, content syndication and dessiminates daily market information via Commodityindia Wire.

Cashew Market Intelligence is a unique effort to bring together all stakeholders of the cashew industry - the producer of raw nuts, the processors and the kernel buyers, by-product users, suppliers of technology, logistics, quality systems firms, supplier of capital, governmental agencies and the retail consumers.

Sesame Market Intelligence is a unique effort to bring together all stakeholders of the sesame industry - producers, processors, buyers, by-product users, technology, logistics, banks, governmental agencies and retail packers. The key to this effort is the role of information and knowledge, which we intend to build through your cooperation and our in-house research.

Bullion Bulletin

Bullion Bulletin intends to reach-out to Indian & global audience on the strengths of its global reach & expertise of Foretell Business Solutions.


CasheWomen is a social initiative of, the global platform for cashew information and knowledge with the support of the global cashew industry.

Our Conference Websites

World Sesame Convention

World Sesame Convention 2019 is a modest beginning in bringing the industry and stakeholders together, which is geographically vast spread across the globe. Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd has been successful globally in creating platforms for unique commodity sectors like cashew and precious metals. Together we have 4 international conferences running successfully since 16 years.

World Cashew Convention (WCC)

World Cashew Convention (WCC), an initiative of, was conceived to create a global platform for cashew industry to discuss critical issues concerning the RCN and Kernel markets.WCC's objective to involve all the stakeholders was successful.

Since Singapore lifted the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Investment Precious Metals in 2012, the Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) has been playing an active role in raising the profile of Asian bullion markets internationally.

India International Gold Convention (IIGC) has become a flagship & must-attend conference in precious metals space. Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is organizing IIGC since 2004 & has ever since grown to become a global precious metals conference.

Global Gold Dore Forum (GGDF)

Global Gold Dore Forum (GGDF) is a Global Platform on Dore, If you are in the business of gold mining and refining, Global Gold Dore Forum is your best place to sell & source dore responsibly. GGDF aims at creating a truly global platform to enable selling and sourcing of gold dore.

FPO-BSM will facilitate interaction at four levels:

  1. Knowledge sharing by experts
  2. Information sharing by service providers
  3. One-to-one business meeting between service provider and FPO
  4. Peer-learning from other FPOs

What Customers Say

  • We,Edelweiss have been associated with IIGC from almost 8-9 years as the title sponsor of the event. We have always found this event very relevant and beneficial for the industry.It is always good that once in a year we are able meet all these people at one place. Now it is actually become a part ofinternational calendar

    Pradeep Nagori - Senior VP, Precious Metals, Edelweiss Metals Limited
  • I really enjoyed the conferences. Good deliberations, good industry participation from the abroad. The participants are growing year by year.

    James Jose - Managing Director, Chemmanur Gold Refinery Pvt Ltd
  • Cashew info has been doing a commendable job, they are bringing together all the cashew fraternity to talk as one family and address those critical areas and issues faced by the cashew value chain as a whole.

    Vasudev Barkur - Executive Director, ETG
  • It is a very good convention, as there is a lot of networking and business match making which is crucial for the processors, exporters and other stakeholders. Basically when you have a face to face meeting with your business partner it helps you, and that in turn can help you to build trust which is the key to success

    Olusegun Awolowo - CEO, Nigerian Export Promotion Council